About Us

To globally pioneer the first digital technology into the Facilities Management Sector empowering the end user producing a better quality of service and value

We seek to revolutionise the quoting process for the Contract Cleaning industry, which currently has a global market cap of £200bn.

The legacy measuring of a manual process with a tape measure or eyeballing often leads to overpricing and dissatisfaction amongst client and contractor.

ScanQuo’s proprietary software provides the measurement and pricing accuracy leading to significant savings compared to legacy contracts.

Our revenue model is a mix of an annual and monthly share of the contract price savings as well as monthly SaaS subscription based payments.

Our founders have domain expertise in the cleaning industry, the tech sector and accelerating start-up businesses.

We are already at the trial stage with leading brands like Bird & Bird, Clean Genie Fantastic Services and have expressed interest from a handful of London based Tier 1s.