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There is no consistency or accuracy for contract pricing in facilities management, combined with a lack of automation in the bid and tender process. The current accepted pricing model is from floor plans and old industry guidelines which doesn't factor the buildings internal DNA and data sets that were most probably never accurately bench-marked in the first place.

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We scan your building or send us your electronic CAD files

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Import scan files or electronic files ( 2D, CAD, BIM or point cloud )
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Get the Benchmark and Analytics
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Our patent pending technology software utilises existing 3D laser scanning, BIM & CAD files with pinpoint accuracy combined with AI to identify all assets, objects, measurements and surface areas within the interior of the building. The captured scan data and algorithms quantifies the benchmark, linking it to the operational efficiency and contract price for each specific service type within the building.

Services We Deliver

3D digital twins of the internal building, benchmarking assessment, cost analysis and input driven operational specifications. For further info on each of the services below please Contact Us.
Asset Tracking
COVID Scenario Planning
Workspace Utilisation
Electrical Compliance


Benchmarking contract pricing, service level and specifications
99 % accuracy versus 80% onsite walkthrough
3D client visual walkthrough presentations
Measures all dimensions, assets, objects colours and surface areas
Time savings 10 faster within bid & tendering process
Cost savings potentially achieved from 15% +
We support and facilitate contract negotiations
Covid senario assessments

Covid Benefits

Health and staff wellbeing has never been so much in focus. Daily touchpoint cleaning sanitisation now forms an essential part of the day to day make up within all buildings.

Our Covid assessment factors all touchpoint cleaning tasks and pricing within our product offering.

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Sustainable healthy
Assessed and compliant with UK HSE standards
Reduced employee
fear factor


Ho Chee kit
APAC Senior Director at Cushman & Wakefield, FM and Asset Services

ScanQuo’s proprietary software revolutionises the quoting process for cleaning services based on the rule of thumb and manual estimation through experience.

Through a scientific approach of time-motion studies of various cleaning activities, Scanquo has enabled the human operator to derive actionable intelligence, enabling cost savings and optimizing cleaning resources.”

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About Us

After 32 years in the cleaning industry, Keith figured out in 2014 there has to be a faster and more accurate way in pricing cleaning contracts. Having done so many manually labour-intensive time in motion studies he realized that the industry could only be changed through innovation, technology and data hence the inception of ScanQuo was born. Three years later in 2017 Keith and Jeffrey crossed paths infusing Keiths cleaning & FM expertise with Jeffreys strong commercial background within Tech startups. With a history in the making finally in June 2018 ScanQuo Ltd was incorporated.
Jeffrey TeglasCO - Ceo & Founder

Jeffrey is very passionate about tech start-ups and for the past 20 years has been based in Denmark which has given him the opportunity to work with a handful of what are now global brands right from their humble Danish beginnings.

He has a strong commercial background in growing B2B and B2C sales from £1m – £15m with 3X year-on-year growth in their early stages. ShopBox, TrustPilot and SuccessFactors to mention a few – SuccessFactors hired him as their 4th employee in Europe and it was eventually acquired by SAP in 2011 for $3.4 billion. Besides growing sales, Jeffrey has hard-earned knowledge of avoiding the crucial pitfalls in the start-up environment, business nous which, simply put, makes the difference between being successful or failing.

Jeffrey’s background is diverse and it’s perhaps no small coincidence that his very first job, at the age of 15, was as a corporate office janitor to having a stint in Hollywood and now a half-century in age he is on the road to what he believes is his ultimate career calling as Co-CEO and Founder of ScanQuo.

Personally, he has enjoyed a life of wide experience, living on four continents and travelling to some 80+ countries. His other passions in life are his 2 daughters, surfing, good food, great wine and people culture. Suffice it to say he might just be one of the coolest guys you will ever meet.

Keith RyanCO - Ceo & Founder

A background in cleaning spanning 32 years in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors, working with global brands in operational management of service delivery with  international contract service providers, such as OCS in the UK and Momentum in Ireland.

Starting out from humble beginnings as a cleaner, Keith progressed quickly to manager, regional manager, national contracts manager and business owner. Keith’s journey led him in the direction to be asked by some of his customers to accurately determine what the correct cleaning service should be.

Productivity benchmarking and cost efficiency became his underlining passion having initially conducted independent time and motion reviews in schools, hospitals, pharma, transport, CRE and retail. So became his vision for digitising a sector that needs to have an accurate benchmark and move away from old industry “guidelines”.

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